Water measurement and control device

DCW 120 MF Single Controller

Measurement and Control Device. Single channel controller, free programable for potentiostatic sensors: pH, redox (ORP), conductivity, temperature, turbidity, oxygen, nitrate, and for amperometric sensors: Cl2, COl2, O3, H2O2, PES, bromine, each for a mA or a mV signal input.
  • Measurement and regulation of:
    • pH, redox, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, oxygen chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, bromine
  • Backlit LCD for parameter display
  • All measured and operating values are displayed on the screen simultaneously.
  • Test functions
  • Adjustable polarisation time
  • Direct access to calibration
  • Controller 1: PID behaviour
  • Option: RS 485 serial port, Modbus protocol
  • Integrated safety features, e.g:
    •  in case of mains failure or lack of water
  • Dosing rate can be monitored; in case of excessive dosing at full rate an alarm is triggered. Two limits can be setData/parameters are saved even in case of power failure
  • Languages: DE, EN, FR, IT, PT, ES
  • Made in germany.