Disinfection system (ClO2)

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Units

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) units generate aqueous chlorine dioxide fully automatically according to the acid-chlorite process.

Large variety of units, from small outputs (0-5 g/h) to large (3000 g/h) and in different designs, such as pressurized systems, pressure-free chlorine dioxide generators, mobile and batch units based on customer requirements.

The systems are used for the disinfection of drinking water, such as in public facilities, water works, industrial plants, for the sterilization of CIP plant, brewing waters, bottle washing plants in the beverage industry and for algae and biofilm removal in cooling systems and cooling towers etc.

Accessories and spare parts: 
  • For chlorine dioxide (ClO2) units a large range of accessories and spare parts is available.
  • Spare parts and spare parts lists are available on enquiry.