We have manufactured customized drones for the installation of the high voltage lines in the Peru Jungle. Unmanned drones for the installation of high voltage electrical wiring.

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This system is highly efficient as it replaces the usual traditional installation system.
String tension level of 10-15Km.
It eliminates the large number of personnel required for conventional and always complex installations.
It solves the problems of habitual obstacles like rivers, valleys, cables of high tension, Dense forests and other places of difficult access.
It avoids forest deforestation being a 100% ecological tool.
• Parameters flight equipment:
• Number of axles: 8 Rotating axles.
• Remote control distance: 2 km radius of 4 kilometers in diameter.
• Maximum flight height: 2 Km.
• Maximum flight speed: 45Mtrs./Min.
• Flight autonomy:
      Battery No. 1 15,000MA 18 '
      Battery No. 2 of 15,000MA 25 '.
Traction cable measurement: 1.2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm.