Your project is important to us

In we like to take part 100% on your project since it’s also ours. We work closely with our customers and this is why we consider ourselves an extension of your company in China. We like to work hand in hand with all your requests and ideas.

We provide you with efficient solutions

We provide you with a wide range of solutions for your needs. We make sure to find the best manufacturer, price, quality, certification, and certificates. We work to give global solutions to all your projects so we can achieve great success together.

All our Experience in your hands

More than 15 years of imports makes us one of the top reliable companies of the sector. Our experience will help you clear all the doubts and uncertainties that may come to your mind when thinking about manufacturing and importing products from China. We can prove it! Call us!

Excellent results

After years of shopping in China, our team has gained great management experience within all areas of imports, which allows us to achieve a great logistic with excellent results so that our customers are fully satisfied with our services.

Shanghai Barcelona Trading

Being able to manufacture in China and import from China is what allows us to have our low cost structure service, focused on meeting the regulatory and ethical standards. This way we are able to meet the needs of product development of our customers, which include some of the best known brands in the world.
We have presence in the whole Hispanic American, and European area offering our comprehensive solutions to China import related projects. The “Made in China” manufacture concept, has been specifically adapted to meet the requirements of our customers.
Some of the most demanded products in the Chinese market are wine exports, timber exports, meat exports, and pine wood exports.

Our Services in China

Custom manufacturing in China of consumer products, industrial products, advertising products and merchandising.

We supervise and control all the manufacturing management, quality control, logistics and delivery to our client’s country.

We offer quality controls supported by SGS, APPLUS , INTERTEK

We homologate our suppliers to ensure quality and price.

We certify the products following the instructions of our clients with CE, TUV, LCL certificates.

We export the products to the whole world.

Some of our customers

Desarrollo deproducto de packaging y fabricación de artículos de plástico para confetería orientados para el sector Infantil.
Fabricación de laminas autoadhesivas para decoración.
Asesoramiento y fabricación de productos promocionales para la entidad financiera.
Fabricación de regalos promocionales de gran volumen para el sector alimentación.
Fabricación a medida bajo diseño del cliente de Bolsas de Deporte, Bañadores competición, Bañadores licenciados marca HELLO KITTY, equipaciones deportivas para Federaciones Internacionales, Toallas, albornoces, zapatillas, cronómetros, Accesorios diversos
Fabricación de productos licenciados para el F.C. Barcelona.
Fabricación de Iluminarias LED bajo la marca ELED. Spot Ligth de bajo consumo, Iluminación industrial y fabricación a medida bajos los requisitos del departamento técnico de nuestro cliente.
Fabricación a medida de muebles de baño, accesorios para el baño, espejos, luces, cabinas de ducha, bañeras Spa. Todos los productos desarrollados para la marca BADELEMENTS.
Fabricación a medida de artículos de cerámica para el sector baño. Todos los productos desarrollados bajo la marca B+D – Bath & Design
Para el desarrollo y la fabricación de piezas y moldes para la industria del plástico